Rope in Karpacz

Active rest is for many people almost duty on different kinds of trips or on vacation, Karpacz, therefore, focuses on physical development and the promotion of healthy lifestyles through the entitlement of different sports. Cottages are located in Karpacz near a very large rope park, where everyone, regardless of age or ability, can try their hand at various rope obstacles. Near the rope park is also very popular museum of sport, which may be a real inspiration for people who enjoy the park offers rope. In the park there are over 14 different obstacles, which, however, not everyone can handle myself. They are as different types of beams, rope bridges, sitaki, footbridges, which enrich the entire stay. The most popular, however, Abseiling from a few meters. Courageous people choose to exit this and never regret. Many people carry out the exit, even several times. Rope to the park we can come at 10 am and stay till dusk, while the obstacles will be visible to people, and especially for instructors. Near the park you can also break up a tent, because there are campsites in Karpacz. It's a very good solution for very active people, who spend their days in the park rope because it may take a break or even to arrange a short nap in a tent, then back again to the follies of rope. After this effort on the ropes we go to the nearby museum of sport and drink something nutritious on the spot.
Panel klienta - Tenet - Serwisy Turystyczne
Park linowy w Karpaczu